Our Big Halloween Costume Mistake

This was my daughter's Halloween costume last year. (If you were trick-or-treating on Main Street in Oley, maybe you saw it.) My daughter loved it! My husband - who made it, and took her trick-or-treating - got lots of compliments. He got to dig in his stash of computer and robot parts, daughter got to help paint and design it, and our friend Chris provided the dryer-vent-hose arms.

Halloween Robot berksfun.com

So what was the problem?

She was miserable wearing it! It was heavy and cumbersome and she couldn't keep up with her friends! Even good friends, when lured by the promise of MORE SUGAR, will leave other kids behind in the dust if they can't keep up.

I think the candy haul eventually made up for it, but we've learned that comfort and flexibility are VERY important when speed is key!

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