Alex Meixner Band Live Stream Concert

Fri 3/27/20 7:00 pm
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The Alex Meixner Band plans to stream a live, acoustic performance from Banjo's Playhouse (a.k.a. Alex Meixner's living room) on Friday, March 27 at 7 pm Eastern Time. As of right now, Alex will be performing with Tom Haller, our former bandmate Joe Tierney and possibly Paddy King as we all live in close proximity to each other and have been staying as quarantined as possible. We'll be playing requests and accepting donations for the performance via our store's "Support the Band" option or directly on PayPal.
Alex Meixner Band is not a kid's band, but is a fun, high-energy show! If the family needs to dance the stuck-inside crazies away, this is it! They normally play at Liederkranz Maifest and other local venues.

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