Celtic Fling & Highland Games

COVID-19 Venue CLosings

Fri 6/21/19 4:00 pm
Sat 6/22/19 11:00 am
Sun 6/23/19 11:00 am
Provided by: 
Mount Hope Estate & Winery
2775 Lebanon Road
Manheim, PA 17545

Join us for the Celtic Fling & Highland Games, where we celebrate all things Celtic on our 35-acre Shire! Delight your senses with the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of this rollicking Celtic celebration. Enjoy traditional pipe bands, modern Celtic rock bands, and everything in between, plus delicious Celtic cusine, fresh brewed Swashbuckler ales and more!

Throughout the centuries, the tradition and charm behind the music, dance and stories of the Celtic peoples have captivated the world. The contributions of the Irish, Scots Welsh, Cornish, Manx, Bretons, and Galecians/Asturians not only fill libraries and castles but also pubs, homes and our hearts. The Celtic Fling & Highland Games, as an unbridled celebration of Celtic Culture, offers a first-hand tour of these compelling cultures as it salutes both traditional and contemporary Celtic heritage.