Non Competitive-Eco Egg Hunt

Sat 3/31/18
11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Angora Fruit Farm
495 Angora Rd
Reading, PA 19606
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Join Environmental Educator, Jennifer Brooks, and partake in an egg hunt adventure like no other!  This non-traditional, non-competitive egg hunt will delight children and parents alike! Children will venture into the forest to hunt for and collect different types of decorated eggs that resemble hawks, owls, and other native birds hidden amongst the trees and leaves in the beautiful forest at Angora Fruit Farms.  We will learn about native nesting birds, and their eggs prior to the hunt!  After children return with their eggs and match them to the correct nest, a prize will be given to all so that everyone leaves with a great big smile!

$5 per child, adults FREE
Registration required

Contact Jennifer at 484-509-2667, ext. 3 to register

ages 3-10