Mohnton Great Pumpkin Parade

Sat 10/20/18 7:00 pm
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It is a tradition during the Mohnton-Cumru Lions Club Great Pumpkin Parade that the participants shower the children on the parade route with Halloween candy.  To view the streets of Mohnton, lined with little children dressed in their Halloween costumes with hundreds of bright orange pumpkins at the ready to collect all of that candy, you’ll agree, the only name befitting this parade is the “Great Pumpkin Parade”.

Food vendors line the streets and offer a variety of goodies such as Philly Cheese Steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs, funnel cakes, French fries, soft drinks and balloons.     

Marching Bands, Floats, Food, Fun and lots of Candy.  The Mohnton-Cumru Lions Club Great Pumpkin Parade, don’t miss it!

Starting in the Northridge Section of Mohnton.