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Hi, and thanks for visiting berksfun.com!

My name is Wendy, and I'm a Berks County, PA mom. Several years ago, I started looking online for local family/kid events, but couldn't find enough info.

So I set about building a site that showcases all the family fun in Berks County, and the result is berksfun.com - which now receives thousands of local visits every week!

By connecting Berks County families with the community, everybody wins - families have fun, communities get stronger, and the local economy grows.

The site is free to use for both event seekers and event providers. I try to make sure all event information is accurate (please send me a note if you see a mistake!), is appropriate for kids, and does not promote a specific religious or political ideology.

If there's anything that would make the site more useful, please let me know. 

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